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This album has been well worth the wait; Terje Eide’s voice sounds better than ever and his guitar solos, full of squealing histrionics, mean this rounded album should be given a listen.” - Rob McKenzie

Fireworks Rock & Metal Magazine

The Norwegian delivers a strong AOR record with huge melodies and timeless arrangements. ’Recalibrate’ convinces with very pleasant hooklines, a nice portion of solid rock and exciting songwriting. Hats off!” - MS

Pride & Joy Music

Compared to the ON THE RISE era, when BOSTON, TOTO, and others were compared, this is a melodious hard line that maintains high-quality melodies, but has a stronger texture. Although the direction is not fresh, it has a high level of perfection as expected, and if you like melodic hard music, you will be satisfied with this album.”

Disk Union

With ’Recalibrate’, Terje Eide, a Norwegian musician who is well known in the music scene with the project On The Rise, has released a fine melodic rock album. ’Recalibrate’ is characterized by a first-class songwriting, strong instrumentation and a powerful sound.” - Alex Möller

Rock It Magazine

Overall. ’No Compromise’, delivers a highly diverse slick and sophisticated album, the music is often beautifully performed and synth led, yet complex showing progressive rock sign, this is not melodic rock by numbers, this is melodic rock from the soul and you can feel it vocally and musically, let’s hope we don’t have to wait another twenty years for the next album. Highly recommended.” - Nick Swansea

Powerplay Magazine

About the song ON FIRE on Instagram: Yeah man! Great track. Well done my friend.” - Steve Lukather


Terje Eide has been on my musical radar for many years as part of On The Rise, but now his solo debut is here and I’m thrilled to say it is a very classy melodic hard rock record with a lot of musical depth. Heavier than On The Rise but no loss of melody and some surprisingly intricate tracks. Highly recommended for fans of European melodic hard rock and certainly for all fans of the two great On The Rise albums.” - Andrew McNeice

This record is full of first class AOR and is highly recommended. I think the fact that the artist is not affiliated with any record label speaks in his favor. This release belongs in the collection of any enthusiast of good music. Nothing is left to the coincidences. Highly recommended. 6 out of 6.” - Stian Ødegaard

Scream Magazine

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